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Hello & Welcome!!

In an effort to provide more engagement and content I'm beginning a blog! Definitely watch this space to catch up on things that are going on, or upcoming!! For my first post, I wanted to let you know a little about me and my family. We are originally from Atlanta, GA and Birmingham, AL, and we relocated to Tallahassee over 5 years ago, and we love living here so much! We have an amazing, challenging, hilarious and exhausting 5 year old, I love being her Mom even if I'm tired. (anyone feel me on that?!) I am a huge bookworm ... my favorite activity aside from capturing precious memories for my clients is reading. Give me all the fantasy and sci-fi! (GOT anyone?? LOVE LOVE). Coffee is life. We have two adorable puppies, Lil'bit is 14 & 1/2 and my little grumpy old man, he has some challenges now that he is getting older but we give him all the love we can. Tally is 7 and 1/2 and just a little love bug. She's sweet as pie!This past weekend was spent just relaxing and enjoying some much needed family time. I hope everyone had as great of a weekend as we did!!

photo credit: Liz Coderre Photography

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